Elders often use some of what they think, or listen to some of the experience of their ancestors to teach us, which often begins with "speaking...". We have much contact, and we have some awe of those sayings.

Especially when the truth in some Queen Sofa Bed common sayings coincides with the actual experience, we feel that the old saying is really good. However, when the old sayings are difficult to understand, people who can understand the following proverbs can enjoy a little easier in the next half of life.

The old saying is: money has 3 There are 3 rituals, 3 roads, and 3 roads. This sentence Best Fire Pit is actually to teach people how to distinguish between right and wrong and avoid risks. If we can do the "no borrowing", "do not follow" and "do not go" in this saying, then our life may be able to take fewer detours.

There are three people who don’t borrow money. First, they can’t lend money to people without credit. Borrowing money to people who don't have credit is likely to make their money go, so they can't borrow it.

Second, don’t borrow money from your relatives. . There are some relatives who are Hdmi Audio Splitter nominally relatives. In fact, relatives who have no feelings should not borrow money from them. Because you have a shallow relationship, you are lending it to that relationship, but if you are not able to repay it in time, then The feelings that are not deep will be more subtle and embarrassing. The so-called brothers still have a clear account, if you don't want to say it at the time, then it is best to avoid borrowing money from these people.

Three, do not borrow usury. The "profit and profit" in usury is a sharp knife that kills many ordinary families. Even if we lack money, we can't borrow usury because it is a choice that ruins the future.

There are three don’t follow, saying that you can’t be here. Three situations are accommodating. First, a small thing will be banquet. These people's catering is purely oil and water, just waiting for you to pay for the money.

Second, people who have not been in contact for many years do wine. Some people haven't contacted you for more than a decade. They don't come when you need them. They think of you when they want to have a banquet. When you meet such a banquet, don't think about it. They want your money to come, not you.

Three, did not send you invitations. Since you are not on the guest list, it means that you are not welcomed by the protagonist, or the protagonist has a reason not to let you be there. If you still insist on the ceremony, you may have uninvited embarrassment.

There are three roads, and which three roads? First, the enemy gives you the recommended path. If the person who is not good to you usually provides you with a "clear road", don't be fooled, think twice. Because you don't know if the enemy is digging a trap for you on this road.

Second, the road to occlusion. This road is generally no one has ever walked. Maybe you want to be an explorer, but don't take it before you determine the danger of this road.

Three, the path that too many people have traveled. Maybe people around you will tell you that many people have passed this road and it is safe. But this does not mean that this road is right for you. Only the road you decide is the way you should go, not the drift, so you will eventually lose yourself.

This is the meaning of this saying, inside Reason may not directly affect you, but how much will give you some philosophies about life. If you have different opinions about this sentence, please share your message.